About Us

Tina Vindum’s Outdoor Fitness partners with leading resort properties and private communities to create lasting bonds with their guests and residents by combining unique fitness and wellness experiences that utilize the outdoor environment and help people live active, nature-inspired lives. 

We are rooted in the spirit of the natural world and united by a passion for the outdoor life.

Our Belief

Our core belief that nature is perhaps the most powerful source for personal health and well being. When you expose yourself to it you not only enhance your physical-mental-emotional condition, you also deepen the connection you have with the surrounding environment.  Americans spend more than 93% of their time indoors—despite the mounting research that shows the profound effects fresh air, plants, trees and the natural elements have on our health and well being.

Our goal is to provide quality outdoor experiences for all ages and skill levels—for better health, fitness and well being.  Our programs honor the interconnection of body, mind, emotions and the environment—bringing balance into lives.

We understand the power of the outdoors and how to benefit from it.  We want to help others attain a fit, healthy and vibrant lifestyle—using the outdoors, and what Mother Nature has to offer.  It’s pure and simple.

About Our Founder

Tina Vindum, President & Founder, Outdoor Fitness

— Experience + Design —

For 18 years, Tina has been the pre-eminent expert in the Outdoor Fitness Movement, pioneering the link between exercise, wellness, and the outdoors. Tina’s book and outdoor fitness and programs have been featured in SELF, Vogue, Shape, Prevention, Elle, Marie Claire, the LA Times and the New York Times.

Outdoor Fitness is the most noted nature-based fitness program in the USA and as a pioneer of the outdoor fitness + wellness movement, Tina is proud to claim several “firsts”:

  • The first and only accredited Outdoor Fitness program
  • The first professional training curriculum for fitness professionals
  • The first nationally published book on the subject designed for the general public
  • The first host of a national radio show (Sirius) on the benefits of using the outdoors for exercise and wellness